Online Personal 1-1 Coaching

Online Personal 1-1 Coaching

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THE BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL ENDS SUNDAY AUGUST 28th 2022.  You don’t have to be a college student to take apply for this offer. But after the end date up it will be locked for awhile due to the traffic of clients who are signing up daily. With that being said you would be placed in a waiting list & contacted when spots open up. 

What you are getting when you sign up with 1-1 personal online coaching with me:

 - Custom Meal Plan for your GOALS

 - Custom Tailored Workout Programs Specific to Your Goal

- Accountability Through FaceTime or Voice Call Check-ins.

- Weekly Cardio and Diet Adjustments 

- Supplementation Recommendation  

- 24/7 Access to My Personal Email & Phone Number 

- Goal Tracking and Long Term Habit Development


**When you choose the "monthly option" option you are locked in for a 5 month commitment and if you decide you are not happy you must tell me during your last week of the FIRST MONTH for a early cancellation which still does not include a refund by any means as stated above.**