About me

Hello everyone! My name is Krishna Mansukhani and I am a 24 year old college graduate from Rowan University located in Glassboro, NJ. I graduated with my Bachelors in Nutrition and a Minor in Psychology Sports and Exercise. I become a health coach to help people change their lives from their fitness goals to their mindset while creating healthy lifestyles. 

My story begins as a 16 year old boy who is over weight and felt very depressed. I was weighing around 185 pounds and wasn't happy with the way I looked or felt everyday. One day I woke up, decided I needed to make some changes on my eating habits and just overall becoming more physically fit. I was literally the least active kid growing up. I hated sports and especially hated running the mile back middle and high school.

So started doing some research on what to eat and how to train. I was downloading all the apps you can think of back in 2016 on the App Store to learn movements and workouts and loved the idea of being given visual demonstrations. I began incorporating what I learned and started seeing results.

Soon after I got many people asking how I did it. And that is when the rain of online coaching began, I was doing it for free in the beginning. But a few months down the line I felt it was time to create a price since I began to feel this can be what I want to do with my life. 

I enjoyed knowing I was making someone really happy with the way I was shaping there minds and bodies at the same time. I am now here to help all of you obtain your goals! I am here to teach all of you what I know, and to help you execute the most proper training and nutrition program to help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!