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Client Testimonials

"I want to say flat out that this was one of the best outcomes of 2019 I've had. Krishna being my coach was simply an amazing time. Always gave great advice and plans to improve myself both physically and mentally. Started at a 48 inch waist from April down to 41 inches. And it won't stop there, because there's more to be worked in the future. I thank everything that he's done to better myself as a being and do not regret in no way using this great training/meal plan."

D. A.

I had no idea about tracking calories, deficits, surplus, and went into gyms without set plans. And working with Krishna as my coach, helped me see the importance of nutrition and I was able to lose 30lbs with his macros and training while putting on muscle. Truly cares about his clients always and is checking in. 

P. P.

Just wanted to give thanks to Krishna for everything he has taught me while coaching me. He offered very insightful information regarding many workouts & is/was always available when you had a questions. Throughout this summer he has managed to guide me from 208 lbs. to 185 lbs., all while increasing strength. I managed to go from 225 lbs. max bench to repping for an average of about 4-5 reps. Fortunately this isn't the end as I'm looking to finish the semester at around 175 lbs. & with everything he has taught me I will definitely get there!


Signing up with Krishna as my coach was the BEST DECISION I had made in 2016. He changed my LIFE for the best. He taught me how to track, weigh my food, and made me custom workout plans to help me reach my FITNESS GOALS.

M. M.

I can only say positive things about this program. He designed a program to work with my weakness and around the food I love. The calories and macros were just right for me. He was was there when I needed him and he was always responding back as soon as he can.  He gave strength and encouragement when I needed it the most. If you wanted something new, he immediately implemented it for me in the next week.


I highly enjoyed being coached by Krishna! He was very professional, his weekly check-ins and program updates were always on time. His programs always pushed me and helped me achieve my fitness goals. I started out doing an at home program because I didn’t have access to a gym at first but with Krishna that wasn’t an issue. While at home he taught me how to properly do the movements with what I had available so when I went to the later in the program I was ready and I knew how to do everything and I loved how he made the adjustments needed from home to gym right away. I am so happy with the improvements I have made after working with him as my coach. I highly recommend him!


I did the one on one coaching for 16 weeks with Krishna and I loved it! He made me push myself in way I didn’t know was possible. Before starting with him I was lifting, but it was not nearly as productive as it was in these 16 weeks with him. I saw more progress in 16 weeks with him than I did in months of lifting without a trainer. I now feel so confident in the gym and I have a way better understanding on what to do and how heavy I really can lift. He is very on top of check ins and always answered my texts so fast anytime of the day. I 100% recommend if you need an extra push or some guidance in the gym to try out these 16 weeks with him.


If you are like me who is a busy office guy and does not have time for the gym. Just stop looking for a coach and hire this man. He literally sat down with me when we were designing the program and asked me how my work week is and what are the hours I have to myself. With all that information he created the most ideal plan for me to achieve my results while still working a 9-5. If you a office person or feel like you do not have enough time look no further.


Krishna is one heck of a coach. He helped me lose inches off my waist while teaching me how to eat the foods I love with the beauty of flexible eating. I always thought I was doing okay but after working with Krishna I am glad I signed up for the 16 week program. Under the time we worked together I developed skills on how to eat out with my wife and family while hitting my fitness goals. He was very responsive to when I needed him the most and made adjustments when needed. I definitely recommend him if you are looking for a coach.

T. S.