"You've got questions, we've got answers!"

Q: I am a beginner and I have no idea how to lose weight. Is the program right for me?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Every program that I designed is for ALL experience levels.  My goal is to help YOU become 100% self sufficient in and out of the  gym! Make you feel good about everything health and fitness.


Q: Do you coach both men AND women?

A: Absolutely! 


Q: I've dieted myself before but I dropped my calories & crashed my metabolism way too fast. Will you help me avoid these issues?


A: Yes.  My approach to dieting is eat WAY MORE than you think you should be eating.  You can be surprised at how much you can eat and still lose weight at the same time! 


Q: I have NO IDEA how to track macros . Will you teach me?

A: The goal for this process is to learn as you go. You will only get better with practice. Learn that "fitness is meant to improve your life, not imprison it!"


Q: If I have random questions throughout the day, how can I reach you?

A: You will have 24/7 email support access to us and my phone number to contact me.


Q: I want to lose fat but still maintain my muscle. Is that possible?

A: With the CORRECT approach, yes it is ABSOLUTELY possible.  You can even possibly get stronger during the entire process as well! Which I have seen happen many times. 


Q: Will I feel food deprived?

A: With the "flexible dieting" approach, you can choose to structure your foods any way you want.  This means no more cutting out your favorite foods!


Q: What happens when I am done cutting?

A: We explore an option of "reverse dieting" which is a transitional period of time to increase your calories while maintaining your amazing physique that you worked for! You worked hard getting there so now we work hard maintaining it.